2D Graphik Control Version 1.5

With this control it's quite simple to draw a equation or a truth table as a 2D graphic in a X-Y coordinate system. Also it's possible to load textfiles which contains spreadsheets. Any column can be assigned as X- and Y-column (maximum of 10 columns). In addition it's possible to recalculate any of the X- Y- values by a formula.

Example: Settings in the property page of a truth table. As separator a SPACE is used, the first seven lines are ignored (the file contains a header with seven lines). All X values are in the first column with index 0, the Y values are in column with index 1. We are using X values directly from file, while all Y values are recalculated by a formula. Also all points are linked by a line.

The ActiveX is FREEWARE

Examples for Visual C++ 6 will be installed with the control!

Last change 22.02.2005