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MFC 6.00.8447.0
MSVCRT 6.00.8397.0

2D Graphic Control V1.5 (Freeware):

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Full Version After unpacking you can install it with DISK1\SETUP.EXE. Along with the control an example is installed. If the example doesn't work, then the activex was not registered during the installation. This can be repeated: start INSTALL.BAT in the installation directory.
Update Copy all files into the directory where the full version was installed. Afterwards register the activex with starting INSTALL.BAT

AVIMonitor (GNU):

MFC and MSVCRT are needed additionally

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AVIMonitor V1.3 Only executable (Version 1.3, without multithreading)
AVIMonitor V1.5M Only executable (Version 1.5, multithreading)
AVIMonitor Source Source code for Visual C++ 6 (Source is under GNU license)

CAN Driver V2.30:

The Mfc and MSVCRT files are needed additionally by the windows application and ActiveX (except CANiX control). The Linux application needs the GTK 1.2 library. Please have a look into the readme files in the ZIP archives. Windows 9x and NT4.0 were tested and only a short test under Windows 2000. ME and XP are not tested.

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Description of version 2.3 Installation manual, Manual of CANParActiveX
CAN_API DLL, header files, online help and others
Windows 9x Driver (Demoversion)
Windows NT or newer Driver (Demoversion), CAN_API.DLL
CANiX Control ActiveX
CANiX description Description API
CANiX examples for VBasic, VC++ 6.0 and CBuilder 5.0
CANPar ActiveX
Binaries Linux V2.10 Driver and C.A.T.T.
Source linux V2.10 Driver and C.A.T.T.

Last change at 09.05.2005